KVH prisms

We produce structural dried solid wooden prisms KVH and BSH (longitudinal connection and cross gluing) in visual and non-visual quality for permanent structures of wooden buildings, roofs, pergolas, beams, gazebos, ceilings, walls and for the production of trusses.
The lumber is dried to 15% moisture content, and glued with PUR glue, which guarantees stability. By drying at high temperatures, possible pests or wood-destroying fungi are eliminated, which is proven by an IPPC certificate.

Planed surface, endless joint – thanks to machine precision and high-strength joints, a flat surface and structural length up to 16 m can be achieved.

All profiles have precisely ground edges thanks to four-sided precision machining.

Health-safe material – KVH joints are connected with formaldehyde-free PUR-based adhesives.