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HOLDES – Horehron forest and timber company, s.r.o. is a company with a tradition since 1994 with a focus on log cutting, production and sale of coniferous lumber (spruce, fir) and glued timber, and logging.

We produce lumber on an automated line with an D9 LH6 angle saw and on a UP 1000 two-disc angle saw in combination with plaster saws with maximum accuracy and precision.

We focus mainly on custom production of construction, joinery and truss lumber from logs coming from Slovakia, especially from the surrounding forests. We are committed to the sustainable development of our forests and therefore we mainly purchase PEFC certified logs and logs from verified sources. Our company holds a PEFC certificate, thus, the lumber produced by us is made from sustainably grown forests and is made legally.

Production is mainly directed to the order-made production of sawn timber and sawmill products, sale of finished sawn timber and semi-finished wood products, log cutting, production of glued, tinned prisms and sawmill supplies for a wide range of customers. The complexity of production is closed by the offer of sawdust and chips, which we supply to both small and large customers.

Our main export market is the Slovak Republic, but we also export to Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. We also carry out logging using harvester technology, we work in Slovakia and the surrounding countries of Central Europe. We care about customer satisfaction and therefore we strive to maintain a constant quality of products, to meet the agreed deadlines and to meet all your requirements.

High productivity, rich experience

We can meet your requirements for logging and timber processing, cutting or sawn timber production.
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Logging and timber harvesting with harvester technology


Log cutting on an automated line with an angle saw

Secondary production

Dried and planed lumber, joined and tinned prisms


we care about the sustainable development of our forests. Our company is PEFC certified and the lumber produced by us is made from sustainably grown forests.

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Ordering production of sawn timber and sawn timber products, sale of finished timber and semi-finished products, cutting of logs, production of glued and tinned prisms for a wide range of customers