PEFC certificate

HOLDES obtained the PEFC certificate in 2017, and extended its validity again in 2022 with a certification audit conducted by SGS Slovakia spol. Ltd. (certificate number: SGSCH-PEFC-COC-210011) according to Technical Document TD SFCS 1004:2020 Consumer chain of forest and wood products - requirements.

By supporting sustainable forest management, we ensure throughout the supply chain of forest products that wood and non-wood forest products are produced in compliance with the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. Thanks to its brand, customers and consumers can identify products from sustainably managed forests.

Heat treatment of wooden packaging material

Central control and testing In 2021, the Institute of Agriculture in Bratislava issued us Certificate No. OP/4759/2021, that the ZLSM Lumber Dryer - 4 x 1.2 - 3 x 1.2 - 6.52 equipment is capable of providing heat treatment of wooden packaging material according to the requirements of phytosanitary standard FAO ISPM no. 15. Products heat-treated in this way are marked with our IPPC mark SK-1623.